Ask me anything, babe.


Sep 23 2016

What is it?

Pucker up babe, frank's lip balm and lip scrub duo is a survival kit for your pout. Both product... More>
Mar 06 2017

Are they sold separately?

My lip scrub and lip balm duo are like Batman and Robin, Michelle and Romy or Beyonce and Jay Z. The... More>
Dec 07 2016

How do I use the Lip Duo?

The lip duo is an easy two step process. First you scrub. Use your finger to scoop out a coffee ... More>
Sep 23 2016

What’s in the lip scrub?

The lip scrub is made with all natural ingredients and frank’s signature coffee base. Ground Robu... More>
Sep 23 2016

What’s in the lip balm?

How much lip balm do you think you’ve licked off in your lifetime? It’s more than you think babe. Th... More>
Jun 16 2016

What if I accidentally eat it?

We know it’s made of sugar, but please don’t try to eat it. If you happen to get a little bit in you... More>
Sep 23 2016

How big are they?

The lip scrub is 15mls of espresso and sugar goodness. The lip balm is also 15mls of smooth, hydrati... More>
Jun 16 2016

Does it contain nuts?

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich out of the question? If so, the lip scrub will be a no go. It doe... More>
Jun 16 2016

Can guys use the lip pack?

Anyone can use the lip pack. Any gender, any age and all skin types. If you have lips, frank... More>
Jun 16 2016

Does the balm have any colour?

The lip balm does not contain any colour. The coconut oil and grape-seed oil leave a hydrating look ... More>

Introducing my new Glow Mask.

This is your new morning quickie; just 5 minutes to glow and go. You know those clouds that look really fluffy and firm? Like you could reach out and hug them? Your skin should feel like that – soft and bouncy. It also smells like a vanilla milkshake.
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